Society currently sets incredibly high, unattainable and artificial beauty standards for individuals.

There are layered beauty ideals and expectations that are marketed to a consumer every day. 

However, appearances are targeted for alteration to achieve such standards.


This piece is a counterrevolution towards society’s warped lenses of perfection.


Pop Up Installation

Engagers experience a journey that is regimented by the chronological order of the cage’s panels. 10 panels are sequenced in the form of a decagon. 

Each screen has individual significance as its own standard of beauty imposed by society shown in the form of a filter. All filters layer on top of each other eventually creating an unrecognizable reflection.

Experiential suspense is built from panel to panel overlapping more and more exaggerating body filters. Users meet the 10th and final panel with a completely unrecognizable reflection that reverses the ideal of the ‘perfect 10’.

The only way of escaping the room is to ‘break the mirror’ by being asked to physically ‘shatter the screen’



This interactive tactic is a game:

One has to connect the nine dots with one line without lifting their finger.

Such a process shows the idea of thinking outside of the box. The key to solve this matrix is to extend the line outside of these dots, making yourself an extra dot. The two requirements were the only limitation to the game yet most of the people would not realize the solution, following the rules that are “not there”.


A variety of simple graphic filters and beautification effects are available to camera phone users to enhance their photos on the fly. The desire to look attractive is universal, and filters will provide a better appearance. 

But filtered images blurring the line of reality and fantasy could be triggering a mental health condition where people become fixated on imagined defects in their appearance.

B&W Mockup
birdcage interior copy copy copy
game 1
phone game break