The Language of placemaking


Asbury Park

Creating a socially good pop up shop within the branded neighborhood -

Springwood Harmony Revival


Visitors will have the opportunity to embrace and experience the history and cultural roots of Asbury Park's West side. This pop up will shed light on the forgotten music and entertainment scene that once thrived and gave opportunity to the oppressed and overlooked community. To raise funds for the - Asbury Park African-American Music Project.

This pop up will take shape as a vintage jazz lounge within a VR holographic projection. It will showcase past pivotal moments of jazz entertainment reminiscent of the once popular Turf Club on Springwood Avenue. Music acts will perform in an enclosed gallery and music space creating an ethereal dream-like experience where the visitor can feel engaged in the performance.


Framed images representative of the jazz era will fulfill the gallery to make the user feel immersed in the past which allow them to be empathetic towards current circumstances.


This pop up shop will ultimately bring attention and traffic to a new attraction which will unite the West Side Community while bringing new supporters.

Pop Up

Art Direction